I shockingly woke up with a dislocated shoulder, had a friend forcefully pop it back in for me, and then it popped back out within 5 minutes. I didn’t go to the ER, nor did I make an appointment with a chiropractor or specialist while my arm limply hung from my torso. Instead, I contacted Marlo and she saw me right away. She had a plan to get to the root of the problem to eliminate future injuries, and deeply worked into my muscles to encourage my joint to open. She also guided me through some exercises that will strengthen the joint over time. When asked to articulate my arm the way I normally would, I was surprised that my shoulder was back in place. And it stayed in place! She managed the bone to work it’s way back into the socket without me feeling it.

I have incredible faith in Marlo’s healing hands, and call her the body whisperer. We met one year earlier on her massage table, and have been working through my neck pain + knots that I ignored for 20 years. I grew to know these occasional crippling pains to be my normal and chalked it up as wear + tear.

After every visit I walk out amazed that she knew exactly how to tackle my problem area with such efficiency. Marlo is an extremely gifted therapist, puts so much care in what she does, and I trust her more than anyone with body healing. Truly a godsend. -

My C5-C6 was herniated in a rear end 70 mph accident on the motorway in London. I was stationary in my car and took full impact. Those were the days before airbags. I lived in chronic pain for 15 years. I was introduced to Marlo 2 years ago by my Physical Therapist who told me she was “The Best”. She was right. I have had serious sports medical massages for the past 15 years, worldwide and no one has come close to Marlo. Period. She managed my pain so effectively that I no longer needed medication.

After another MRI, I had no choice but to have cervical disc replacement surgery in September 2010. After my surgery my neurosurgeon had in depth conversations with Marlo about what he needed her to do. They worked seamlessly together and I benefited enormously. The herniated disc had gotten worse over the years and compressed the spinal cord to the extent that I had no choice but to have the surgery. New research is starting to show that when the spinal cord is released after this sort of herniation, it rotates and can create havoc with the nerves in C5. I was experiencing another source of pain… My neurosurgeon sent me back to Marlo. After 5 consecutive sessions with Marlo, I was relieved of the acute 8-9/10 pain.

I can not speak highly enough of Marlo. She is an essential addition to my neurosurgeon. They are a team. She’s the best. Period.

I travel a lot and have been massaged in a variety of ways but none come close in terms of therapeutic benefits the way Marlo and her staff do it. I went three times and on the third occasion experienced Marlo herself. So extraordinary is the technique she has devised that I seriously suggested to my wife that we move out west in order to incorporate Marlo into our life. The deep probing and easing of knots and tensions should be prescribed by the medical community in order to maintain health and fitness.

If she can put her technique into a book Id have a copy sent in advance to the therapists we go to back east. She is also, as it happens, fascinating company.

As a bike rider with many centuries (100 mile rides) under my belt I have known true muscular pain and severe cramping at times. Prior to the bike riding, I ran 6 - 10 miles every other day for over 20 years. So I developed many joint problems and muscular knots from years of working out. It is common to get muscular lock-ups in your back particularly a type of constant neck ache that ALL cyclists experience. Now at post 60 years old, Marlo has given me a muscular suppleness and a freedom from muscular pain that I used to have many years ago. I highly recommend her services for all serious athletes.

Yesterday I had a massage with Marlo that focused for a whole hour on my upper back and neck. This treatment released tension in this area that has built up over the years. Today, I am amazed at how much mobility I have in my neck and shoulders. Marlo is a master at knowing what to do and how to do it.

For anyone who hasn’t been to Marlo’s massage, it’s impossible to adequately describe what you’ve been missing. Marlo’s massages vastly exceed relaxing and healing; they are absolutely life altering. She and her staff zero-in on the underlying causes of pain and treat the problem at its source for a lasting cure rather than just relieving the symptoms. They also understand each individual’s complex musculoskeletal interactions in a way that can identify underlying problems before they turn into serious injuries or chronic pain. In addition to feeling better, I’ve learned so much about how to make my own body mechanics work for me and perform better while preventing unnecessary discomfort. Marlo’s massage is beyond simply feeling better. She improves the way you move, stand, sit, breathe and live your life.

This may sound overdramatic, but it isn’t - day before yesterday, Marlo saved me from pain and despair. For two months I had been dealing with an increasing, worsening sciatica - I had been working on it...had been to private yoga sessions to deal, to a doctor who put me on massive anti-inflammatories and said if they didn’t work we’d get an MRI. I thought I had bone cancer, hip fracture, pulled groin, I thought the worst. Finally, after a night of no sleep because of pain, I crawled out of bed and wondered what the hell to do...and then fortunately thought to call Marlo for help.

When she answered the phone, I started crying! She ordered me into her studio immediately. She sized up my situation next to the anatomical chart - by looking at me standing there - and then called it! The treatment was, well, excruciating - because she got exactly into the painful parts that had seized up my whole right side and DID BATTLE with these parts! It was like an exorcism with knuckles and strong hands! Working and shaking out the badness! When she went into one part, I felt another part flare up - which illustrated how right she was about the anatomic connection she’d described. Because Marlo knows her anatomy, she put away all my fears that I had all these terrible diseases. Believe me, when you’re that screwed up, your treatment with Marlo is going to feel like you’re having an operation with no anesthetic...but DO IT, because...when I walked out of there I was sore in a blessed way, and OUT OF PAIN.

That night I slept through the night for the first time in weeks. I could walk without a limp the next day. The day after treatment I took my dog to Shoreline beach and climbed the steps just fine. I went to the opera at the Granada and could sit (3 hours). Marlo’s Massage should be renamed Marlo’s Magic Miraculous Massage. Believe it! Thank you with all my heart.

I had been having problems with my hips during my exercise routines and soon enough I couldn’t walk more than an hour without my hips giving out. I went to Marlo and she fixed both my hips in one session and I have not had a problem since. That was back in 2010. I refer everyone I know to Marlo because of that great experience.
After having experienced so much pain as a result of being in a car accident and then hit by a cyclist years ago (not to mention day to day stress), I am very careful of who works on my body, especially my neck. I need someone who knows the anatomy and has the confidence and intution to show me where I most need work. I have absolute confidence in Marlo. Her work is her passion and she has the knowledge and the intuition to give you exactly the type of massage you need at any particular point in time. This is not a “one size fits all” business.

When you get a massage from Marlo, you take a step toward keeping your body healthy and in alignment so that you can stay pain-free and vibrant. Although working through some trouble areas can be uncomfortable, even painful... it is SO worth it! The results are immediate and lasting. I highly recommend Marlo’s Massage!
— Dr. Laura L. Ciel