Signature Massage

Marlo        1 Hour: $150    1.5 Hour: $190

Therapist    1 Hour: $125    1.5 Hour: $165

Outcall      1 Hour: $145    1.5 Hour: $185

This therapeutic massage may include any of the following techniques depending on your specific needs: Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, Trigger Point, Myofascial Release, Sports Massage, Reflexology and Swedish Massage. This treatment targets areas of chronic tightness to restore flexibility and circulation thereby enhancing your overall health and well being.


Whole Body Skin Treatment

Marlo         1 Hour: $170   1.5 Hour: $210

Therapist    1 Hour: $150    1.5 Hour: $190

Outcall      1 Hour: N/A     1.5 Hour: N/A

This massage has all the benefits of the Signature Therapeutic Massage as well as the wonderful fragrances and moisturizing benefits of Epicuren. After this treatment, your muscles will be relaxed and your skin will look and feel nourished. For best results, please shower and exfoliate before your treatment.

Available in the following delightful fragrances: Kukui Coconut, Lavendar, Lemongrass, Avocado, Orange Blossom, Papaya Pineapple, and Vanilla Bean.


Hot Rock Massage

Marlo         1 Hour: $175   1.5 Hour: $215

Therapist    1 Hour: $155    1.5 Hour: $185

Outcall      1 Hour: N/A     1.5 Hour: N/A

This special massage is a more luxurious treatment. Using warm oil, heated basalt stones glide over the body melting away tight muscles and stress. Rocks are set on specific tight spots to allow the deep penetrating warmth to gently loosen tight muscles and soothe sore spots. Like the Signature Therapeutic Massage, a variety of styles are incorporated depending on your needs.


Anti-Cellulite Massage

Marlo         1 Hour: $180   1.5 Hour: $215

Therapist    1 Hour: $160    1.5 Hour: $200

Outcall      1 Hour: N/A     1.5 Hour: N/A

This treatment starts by dry brushing the entire body stimulating circulation and helping to flush toxins as well as ridding the skin of dead cells. Using Epicuren Cellulite Massage Cream, the Signature Therapeutic Massage is performed. After the treatment, the dry brush is your gift.


Head and Neck Release

Marlo         1 Hour: $155   1.5 Hour: N/A

This therapeutic massage is designed to gain flexibility in the neck and help relieve headaches, sinus issues, and overall tension in the neck, head or face. Using several techniques, restrictions are cleared in the neck, and tension is gradually released. This treatment includes a head massage followed by a scalp massage. Ideal for anyone suffering from frequent headaches or TMJ issues.



Epicuren Foot Moisturizing Treatment      $40

Both feet are covered in Epicuren Moisturizing Lotion followed by hot towels for 10 minutes. Your feet will be noticeably more smooth and silky after just one treatment.

Back Mask     $40

First the back is bathed in hot towels, followed by soothing warm black Dead Sea mineral mud. Hot towels then are used to remove the mud leaving the back feeling smooth and supple.     

Stretching    $40

15 minutes of mat stretching depending on your specific needs. May be added before or after the treatment.




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